A very old page

Please note: This personal site is a historical relic from many years ago. For more current info, please see my professional page. This site is left as-is for the moment but is woefully out of date.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything just means looking in the source code.

Here I post programming projects I've worked on when I find the time to package and document them sufficiently well for release on the net. Most of these things are old projects from my time as an undergraduate -- my current work as a graduate student is more focused, specific, and unfortunately less suited to fun one-off projects. I've still got a number of neat older projects kicking around that I never got around to packaging up, so I may still get around to posting new things from time to time. Source code is included when convenient, as well as mostly workable documentation.

Summary:A Java RPC library for P2P applications built on top of Protocol Buffers.
Summary:A full-featured Java bytecode interpreter written in JavaScript.
Summary:A fork of plmtools that includes (among other things) support for the iMeter Solo.
Title:YAJOP: yet another Java option parser
Summary:A trivially simple yet flexible command line argument parser for Java programs.
Title:Proxy Server
Summary:A very simple proxy server in Java.
Title:Neural Net Othello
Summary:A Java program to randomly evolve computer Othello players.
Title:Naive Bayes Classifier
Summary:A classifier written in Perl that uses the Naive Bayes classification algorithm.
Title:HTTP Web Server
Summary:A basic HTTP server written in C.
Title:Flickr Downloader
Summary:A PHP script to download random high-res Flickr photos.
Summary:A TI-89 program that generates histograms based on polynomial coefficients.
Title:IM Mail
Summary:A Java implementation of "voice" (text) mail for IM.
Summary:A simple instant messaging client written in Java with Swing.